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PCC Terminal Kutno

We are a mechanical design and engineering company specialising in crane construction. We design all types of cranes for handling general cargo as well as cranes for ports, shipyards and various indoor and outdoor warehouses and halls. There are six full-time employees and several external partners. Our experts have been successfully working in crane construction for over thirty years and have extensive references. As the lead designer of various cranes, we have made a name for ourselves both abroad and at home. Our most important markets are Europe, Asia and the United States. We are also partners of various major European companies from the field of crane construction as regards the optimisation and calculation of crane steel structures, e.g., the Austrian Künz, with whom we have been successfully cooperating in the field of intermodal container cranes (transtainers) for years, FLSmidth, in designing grab ship unloaders and Metalna SRM, in designing overhead and gantry cranes. We also need to mention a specific field of crane construction, i.e. cranes in nuclear power plants, where the strictest safety measures and highest technical requirements apply and where we are active as designers as well as supervisors of other engineering offices (cooperation with Siemens and Areva).


Nokran company overview flyer for ship-unloaders with grab

Nokran company overview flyer for container cranes


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SI 30339871

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IBAN SI56 0420 2000 31 43 998